Dance Dress Code


Black leotard and pink convertible dance tights (hole on sole of feet) for all levels. No bras showing. Long hair must be up in a bun and away from your face. Ballet sweaters may be worn during barre portion only. Ballet skirts may be worn at all times. No underwear under leotards (this is why we wear tights, they take the place of undergarments).

Boys- White fitted t-shirt, black dance pants, black ballet shoes

BLOCH #SO277L Pump Canvas split sole ballet slipper



Flair Dance Academy
Flair Dance Academy

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TIGHTS: "Ballet Pink" For Ballet/Lyrical And Any "Nude" That Matches Dancers Skin Color For All Other Classes- All Convertible


Beg/Int: Bloch "Elasta Bootie" Slip on Jazz boot #S0499G (TAN)

Adv: Same as above in adult sizes if needed (TAN)

Any style or color leotard, tights, and dancewear permitted. Street clothes are not allowed.

Flair Dance Academy


Beginner Levels: Capezio child "Jr. Tyette" #N625C black tap shoe

Int/Teen Levels: Bloch Tapflex #S0388L black tap shoe

Advanced Levels: Bloch Respect #S0361L black tap shoe

Any style or color leotard, tights, and dancewear permitted. Street clothes are not allowed.

Lyrical And Contemporary

All Levels: TAN canvas "pirouette" shoes and form-fitting, free-moving dancewear for Lyrical.  Any black, baggy dancewear or sweats/t-shirt for Contemporary and barefeet (please keep black socks in dance bag).

Theatre Dance

Capezio Adult "Jr. Footlight" 2" Heel Character Shoe #550 (TAN)

Same attire as Jazz.

Hip Hop

Beg/Int/Teen: Black High Top Converse sneakers

Adv: Please see Miss Amanda for shoe requirements.  Any CLEAN sneakers not worn outside are permitted for class.

Any style or color dancewear permitted.

Boys: Black High Top Converse sneakers

CLEAN street sneakers NOT worn outside may be worn in class until required sneakers are purchased.


All Levels: bare feet
Any style or color leotard. Leotards are mandatory to take a class and must have a back for spotting. Shorts/leggings are permitted over any leotards. Hair up, no jewelry. Boys: form-fitting gym clothes and/or compression shirts and athletic wear.  Dancers will not be allowed to take class without the proper attire for Acro.

Little Stars

Any leotard or biketard, bare feet, and hair in a ponytail or bun. Shorts, leggings, and/or tights permitted. Tights must be convertible or footless. Different tights may be needed for a recital.

POM, Conditioning, Dance Team Prep and Tricks

Same attire and shoes as Hip Hop

Musical Theatre, S/T/L, Competitive Edge

Same attire and shoes as Jazz 

P1037169-RW2 2

Ballet Tech

Same attire and shoes as Ballet

PLEASE NOTE: Different tights may be required for the recital for all classes

Long hair must be confined off of face and neck in a ponytail, braid, or bun for all classes.

Not acceptable for any dance classes: jeans, skirts, inappropriate printed t-shirts, inappropriate/revealing clothing or street/play clothes and dirty shoes.